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Zephyrine Press features
limited-edition book art
created by Jocelyn Bergen.

  Pond People
An ode to algae, printed with the historic cyanotype photographic process.
An alphabet book of letters from old urban signage, displayed in an accordion structure.
An alphabet book in Bodoni types. Each page features words starting with the same letter in a concertina structure with sewn pages.
Decorative letters from a Victorian type specimen, bound in a concertina structure.
  Satellite Story
A keepsake designed for the Experiments in the Future of Reading show sponsored by Xerox PARC, September, 2000. 8-fold structure, laser cut shapes.
  Vines of Serendipity
A poem about the tenacity of nature, observed in the garden. The structure is a 16-part “W fold,” chain stitched together.
  Slinky Book
A fun unfolding extending book object featuring a pattern of letterforms on both sides. Flower fold.
  Warehouse Lines
A poem about the changing nature of our industrial landscape—includes a hidden stanza. Woven flexagon structure which opens up in two different ways.


All artwork and images copyright © 2000-2014 Zephyrine Press